LibertyTaskForceBG50 Liberty Task Force is a Christ-centered, non-profit, ministry that wants to bring awareness that boys are sex trafficked too and to end the demand of sex trafficking by empowering at-risk male youth . LTF provides a mentorship program to at-risk male youth called We Are Warriors in the foster care system and local juvenile detention center as a means of prevention. In a 2008 sample study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, of those who were sexually exploited in New York, 50% of victims were found to be boys from the United States, being trafficked domestically. Until now anti-trafficking organizations have been focused on female victims but that tide is now starting to turn. A 2013 study by the organization ECPAT discovered males are more likely to be arrested for shoplifting or other petty crimes even though they are being trafficked sexually. 426749_647398805285751_1088020663_n   What differentiates us from most other anti-human trafficking ministries, is that God has called us to reach the boys who have been trafficked and who are at risk for doing the trafficking. We will always have trafficking victims if we don't address the root of the problem! Our work with the foster boys and at-risk men is our greatest calling. We advocate for men's accountability groups using the Conquer Series. To learn more about this group please click here. We want to abolish slavery with spiritual and physical warfare. According to a national survey among churches, 50% of pastors and 68% of Christian men confessed they visit pornography online weekly. Pornography is a direct link to sex trafficking. If the church is contributing to sex trafficking, then we must be urgent in starting there! Not only does it desensitize the viewers to see people as sex slaves, but 50% of sex trafficked woman who were interviewed, said that they were forced to create pornography while enslaved. The annual, worldwide, $100 billion dollar pornography industry is fueling the demand for sex trafficking. Focusing investigations on the production of child pornography, is one of our main goals when our law enforcement task force is up and running!