BagsForBoysLogoFoster children are sent away from home with their belongings in a trash bag. Through this program we hope to show them Gods love with their very own bag! We put sanitary items, blankets, small toys, and Bibles inside of them. To purchase a bag for a boy please on our donations page.

WeAreWarriors Mentorship program for foster boys ages 6-17 yrs old. The purpose of this program is to identify possible victims of sex trafficking, educate them on the tactics of a trafficker, and to teach them what God says about being a man who protects woman and chidden. We want to teach these boys about Gods love and the purpose for their lives and also about the enemy's evil schemes and lies about who they are and how they should act. Most importantly, we want these boys to know that regardless of what has happened to them in life, God made them to become warriors in this world, to fight against atrocities like sex trafficking! Our current outreach is at a foster shelter and local juvenile detention center in Tyler, TX. We bring dinner, games, devotions and prayer time. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us! Thank you Brunos for partnering with us to bring dinner to the boys once a month!!


We advocate for men's accountability groups using the Conquer Series Program. This sexual purity program is designed to use God's Word in order to gain victory in the area of purity. To become effective in the prevention of human trafficking, this will prepare the men to mentor young boys and men who are growing up in a world where anything goes, including enslaving women and children for sex. God is calling men to stand up for women and children! To be an example of a godly man and to be a friend and mentor to other boys and men who are struggling with sexual purity. Men are the root of the problem and only men can cut off those roots!

If you would like to start a Conquer Series group in your home, please contact us today!